RS-10 loudspeaker system


The RS-10 loudspeaker uses a BMR (Balance Mode Radiator) to handle the majority of the audible music spectrum.

The BMR design concept was conceived as a full range driverhandling all musical frequencies from bass through to treble with a single driver and no crossover.

This concept works remarkably well and produces a musical transparency normally associated with electrostatic loudspeakers.

However no concept is perfect and a single BMR can only produce limited bass output and some people may prefer more precise musical images.

Most loudspeaker systems have a crossover point for the midrange driver and tweeter between 2 KHz and 3 KHz. This can upset the vocal region with distortion and phase shift. It is also where the human ear is most sensitive.

Therefore with use of the BMR unit, Rega has been able to design a crossover point above the most critical range.

The high frequency capability of the BMR, has allowed the two units to integrate to 6 KHz. This gives massive improvements in sound quality with greater clarity and detail in the music. Rega has pioneered the integration of a BMR with the unique Rega dual driver bass system and a completely new and unique Rega designed and UK manufactured tweeter.

The high frequency sound of a BMR is so good that the quality level of any normal tweeter will not combine with it. This is why Rega felt compelled to design a new and unique tweeter that would complement the BMR unit.

This new tweeter the ZRR-10 uses Rega’s ZRR (Zero Rear Reflection) technology combined with an unparalleled production technique that allows the silk dome to be assembled directly onto the front plate thus eliminating a major source of unwanted vibration.

Each tweeter is meticulously hand assembled at Rega’s factory in the UK and incorporates a copper Faraday ring which extends the frequency response of the tweeter up to 23Khz by lowering inductance of the voice coil.

For bass frequencies the RS-10 uses two separate bass drivers connected in parallel.

The drivers are different sizes, have different resonant frequencies and operate with individually separate cabinet loading: A 200mm driver with a lightweight paper cone, 8 layer voice coil and a resonant frequency of 40Hz operates in a transmission line with port output extending below audibility coupled with a 125mm driver also with a lightweight paper cone, 8 layer voice coil and resonant frequency of 75Hz which is loaded by a small sealed cabinet.

This system eliminates the normal single bass resonance by spreading smaller resonances across the entire bass frequency band and incorporates a degree of self damping due to the parallel connection with the amplifier.

The result is a much tighter and more tuneful bass register which can be adjusted in level to suit room characteristics.

The loudspeaker can also be moved closer to or further from a wall resulting in an increase or decrease of low frequency to suit personal preference.